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About Konst Law

Konst Law is a full-service law firm representing clients in their divorce, real estate, injury accidents, business, corporations, estates, and wills.  Mr. Konst understands and sympathizes with the individual client and what he or she is going through.


Harry N. Konst


Harry Konst is experienced. He has practiced law for over 22 years and has personally represented – both defense and prosecution, hundreds of clients in nearly all aspects of the law.  Mr. Konst is well-respected in his community and in the legal profession.


During and after law school in Arizona, Mr. Konst spearheaded over $100 million in finance and real estate development around the country, earning a reputation for understanding and resolving some very complex issues.  Working closely with banks, insurance companies, major corporations, and state and local municipalities, this high-level experience can help support a diverse array of legal needs.


A Family Tradition of NY Legal Support

In 2000, Mr. Konst moved back to Western New York State to work with his father, Nicholas Konst, and his law firm, Konst Law.  


Together, they worked on several federal real estate developments, including proposals to build and develop two federal office buildings and two senior housing developments.


When competing to build the brand-new FBI building in Buffalo, they assembled the nation’s top architects and contractors to represent their client before the General Service Administration (GSA) in New York City.  After over 18 months of competition, their group came in 2nd out of an original group of 15 developers.  They earned respect, such that their group was invited to compete on other federal GSA projects around the country.

Law Experience for Today's Problems

Today, Mr. Konst continues to oversee and co-counsel with an experienced group of attorneys located in Buffalo and New York City, New York.  


Mr. Konst has been married for over 40 years to his wife, Kathy Konst, who is a former legislator in Western New York.  Mr. Konst managed his wife’s state and local political campaigns, and as a result, they were introduced to and became friends with many of the movers and shakers in the state.  They were and continue to remain very active in government and politics.


Mr. Konst’s many connections have helped and continue to serve his many clients with their individual goals and problems.


Mr. Konst is available for a free legal consultation by phone, video, or in person. If you are located in Buffalo, Erie County, or New York City, New York, feel free to call or email him directly through the links on this Konst Law website.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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